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Heavy Gear Blitz! Forged in Fire - Southern Field Guide
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Publisher: Dream Pod 9
by Brandon F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/10/2013 20:39:59

My previous review was 4 stars. This one is a 5, because the staff proved its worth. After editing, they also added in a few more tidbits into the rules to smooth out the rules.

Forged in Fire, for all those who are new to Heavy Gear, details in particular the Southern faction, also known as the Allied Southern Territories. Simply put, a lot has happened in the history of the planet Terra Nova, and Forged in Fire puts a special focus on the South and its five separate political entities, and the military forces they command.

After giving you a very in-depth read into the history, they also go through a huge selection of Gears, striders, and tanks that can be used by the armies, each of which has fascinating lineart that utterly preps you for the army list builds.

Using the approach started in the book for NuCoal, Perfect Storm, Forged in Fire has you start with what Priority Level army you would like to go with, as well as Threat Value, and then gives you five separate regimental types, each with its own special focus, including Infantry, Gear, Armor, Airborne, and Special Forces.

The art is outstanding, and its introduces new players and old to the world that Terra Nova is fast becoming since the arrival of Earth's Colonial Expeditionary Force, or CEF. The South will rise, or it will fall, on the choices of its leaders and the actions of its troopers. Are you Geared up?

In short, I am very happy with the new editing, and with the smaller size of this book, it is that much easier for folks to go into and flip through pages and pages of material with hardly any trouble... even for an old dinosaur of a laptop like mine. :)

Welcome to the South, troopers.

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Heavy Gear Blitz! Forged in Fire - Southern Field Guide
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