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Publisher: Skirmisher Publishing
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Oh for the days bygone when behemoths of metal ruled the land and sky! Overall this is another good product by Skirmisher and the review will focus just on the first of the four robotic issues they produced. This issue (along with most of the WftW supplements) provides a lot of usable info packed into five pages (six is OGL and if there is a seventh it is typically an ad). We start out running with eight robots just in this issue alone, ranging from junk bots to fabricators, synthetic animals to the educators that can connect to the minds of the living to pass on their knowledge. All of the robots listed follow the robot stat block found in Mutant Future (more or less) with the addition of the actual movement rate of the robots. In addition, the issue introduces several new robot gizmos that can be included in the robot's repetoire including things like medical scanners and death rays. The issue is filled with photoshopped stock art which again is pet peeve of mine, I would have preferred actual line drawings or crude renditions of what the robots actually looked like rather than what the author could find online. The issue is well worth the price and it does help develop the sparse section that Mutant Future didn't seem to completely develop (in my opinion). This issue alone about doubles the number of example robots that the Mutant Lord doesn't have to take time to develop on his own. I still dream of Death Machines and War Bots from the days of old and the one robot that seems to try to emulate that style was the Destructor but I would tone down the Hit Dice from 500 to something more managable (maybe 100). So get your metallic groove on and pick up this issue if you like your animals synthetic or you want to get your education the old fashioned way, with a telepathic cable.

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Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #15: Robots Part 1
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