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Advanced Gamemaster's Guide (d20 3.5) $15.95
Publisher: Green Ronin
by Robert V. A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/10/2005 00:00:00

There is much too much material in this wonderful book to give a thorough review, so I will only touch on the highlights that really made the book useful for me. I bought this product about the same time as the new DMG II, and actually prefer this one. It is written more for the experienced GM, unlike the DMG II, which is more for a journeyman GM. I won't use much of the optional combat material, but the character background section and how to upgrade the power levels of a campaign are something I had been struggling with in my homebrew to balance (I run what could be described as a +1 level adjustment game, i.e. that all +1 races are considered +0 races in my world, thus the +0 races are needing to be buffed a bit, and the AGMG gives a balanced way to do this). The magic items, especially new rules for various craft levels beyond masterwork and the sovereign materials are very welcome. I was especially charmed by the lenses, which are basically a gem like item that you wear on your hand and a spell keeper can expend a spell slot into the lens to output a specific spell. Highest recomendation to experienced GMs.<br><br><b>LIKED</b>: Character, magic and material options<br><br><b>DISLIKED</b>: didn't need the reprint of the initiative cards (only thing I didn't print)<br><br><b>QUALITY</b>: Excellent<br><br><b>VALUE</b>: Very Satisfied<br>

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Advanced Gamemaster's Guide (d20 3.5)
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