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Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #5: Domesticated Creatures $0.99
Publisher: Skirmisher Publishing
by John B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/23/2012 21:22:39

Definitely worth the cost either individually or as part of the bundle. Ten new mutant creatures (six being plants or plant like) and many that are more than just wandering monsters, but domesticated and usable by post apocalyptic societies. Again, biggest complaint is the artwork, line drawings of the author's concept would be preferrable to the stock photos that are prevalent in these issues. But artwork aside, the creatures and there use are pretty solidy done and well thought out. Of the monsters listed, the dangling gourds would be the most interesting to inject into a game, either as a wandering threat or as a possible floating base for the PCs or their village. Perhaps a wild patch of hydro-roses is discovered nearby a desert village and the PCs are recruited to reclaim it as a new source of water fo the village. I do wish they offered more mountable creatures, though for an aquatic arc or campaign the monitor serpent will do. Otherwise, a solid issue and well worth it.

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Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #5: Domesticated Creatures
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