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Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #4: New Races $0.99
Publisher: Skirmisher Publishing
by John B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/23/2012 20:46:08

A bit of a dissappointment after the hi-tech weapons issue. Although the issue was loaded with possible playable 'races', most seemed contrived or simply a small modification of the general racial types. Also, as with many of the Wasteland issues, the artwork is generally stock photos that may somehow relate to the article it is attached to. I would prefer to see line art drawings (even cartoonish ones) that would link it more closely to the core Mutant Future rules. Of all of the races presented, I found the regular humans the most usable and most sensible. It makes sense that not all pure humans are genetically superior and invulnerable to the effects of radiation. This race allows the player to begin play as a pure human and then switch over to a mutant humanoid (either accidently or on purpose). I liked the idea of the ancient human race but the mutation alotment lost me. I am not against introducing cybernetics or nano-technology to the game, but an issue dedicated to it would have made more sense than the small blurb given for the ancient human description. AI recognition. The rules presented sound reasonable but no where can I find a robot recognition target number in the core rules. I am guessing that the AI base number is 12 so a pure human (with no modifications) would always roll that number or less on 2d6. The target recognition is then 12 minus all the modifiers given for the different mutations for a particular mutant and the mutant would have to roll that number or less to be treated as human. Although an interesting means to trying to tie rules to player's trying to give commands to robots or computers my belief as a Mutant Lord is that some mutations would make such an impossibility. So overall for this issue, if it is part of the bundle it is worth it. If you are looking at adding new playable races without spending time to make up your own, it is worth it. Otherwise this may be one to pass by. Another little nit picky issue is the use of GM on page one. Previous issues used the appropriate Mutant Future term Mutant Lord where this issue seemed to drop that title completely. Not sure if it was just an oversite or an attempt to make the information a little more generic for use in other games, but if these issues are primarily for Mutant Future, then terms from that game should be used as appropriate.

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Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #4: New Races
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