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Shaintar: Legends Arise (Players Guide) $9.99
Publisher: Savage Mojo
by Tommy G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/23/2012 20:23:29

I have enjoyed Shaintar since its first printing but Sean has outdone himself in this revision. He has embraced the new elements of Savage Worlds and used them to good effect for the world of Shaintar. Not only does the game flow well, but what sets is apart from many other products is that Sean includes a lot of tips and explanations to help new or experienced GMs run high quality games. The basic rules are there and clear but in sidebar tips, he explains a little more of how to use the rule or make it sparkle. A reader is free to ignore those side comments but a wise reader will take those comments to heart since it will really help whether you are playing a character or running a game. Most other products do no offer those tips and tricks in how to play or run so this is like getting two products at once. Some might ask what makes Shaintar different from just running a basic fantasy campaign but the answer will become clear as soon as you start reading. Shaintar is a fully developed turn key world that is ready for you to use. You could develop your own world, races, factions, etc. but I doubt you would do any better and most likely, after many hours of hard work, you would wish you had let Sean bring you into his world. The world of Shaintar!

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Shaintar: Legends Arise (Players Guide)
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