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A00: Crow's Rest Island Pay What You Want
Publisher: AAW Games
by STEVEN H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/07/2012 21:52:58

There is nothing to this file it is just a link to their website.

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Creator Reply:
I'm sorry you're having trouble downloading the PDF Steven. Perhaps your browser cache needs to be cleared before attempting to download. I'm sure DTRPG support would be more than happy to assist you should you submit a request.

There is in fact a full PDF file associated with this download. I urge you to try again and provide an accurate review once you have the chance to see the actual adventure.

Thank you!
It would be much appreciated if you could remove this review as this is not a review of a product, but the functionality of a website. We have long since fixed the download and included the product to all who had purchased it prior. Thank you.
Again it would be appreciated if you could remove this review. At the time you attempted download there was an issue with the file. It was fixed within minutes and has been working ever since. Thank you for being considerate.
A00: Crow's Rest Island
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