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Publisher: Little Red Goblin Games
by Michael A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/27/2012 10:18:16

Champions of Magic and its description was misleading. The book seems to promise customization of some sort that would make a spellcaster stand out....but simply presents one base class and two prestige classes. The presentation and artwork was excellent, but the content was a miss for me. If one is a collector of the d20/3E system, these classes are not unique and can already be found in various books already. There are literally thousands of base classes and prestige classes out there, so there is gonna be some similarity. I was glad that I got this when it was on sale, because it was not worth the full price.

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Creator Reply:
Hi Michael!
Thanks for the review! I'd be happy to offer you a full refund if you'd like! Sorry to hear you did not enjoy the product :-(
We lay out exactly what is in our books in the description. We felt the novelty of the mechanics presented in the Time Mage (the ability to literally roll back time) and the adaptable nature of the studied spells of the Maven warranted the description given. Sorry if we created any sort of confusion :-D
We really appreciate you taking the time to review our product!

Happy gaming,
~Little Red
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Champions of Magic
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