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Classes of NeoExodus: Machinesmith (PFRPG) $3.99
Publisher: LPJ Design
by Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 11/20/2012 08:50:33

Iron Nugget Succeeds

Oh Machinesmith, you had me at steampunk. For some reason, publishers are not interested in making a boat load of money and practically ignore the many fans out there who want a touch of steampunk in their Pathfinder. To satisfy our cravings, LPJDeisgns presents the Machinesmith, a meaty 22-page class writeup of a magical alternative class that uses a fusion of technology and magic to produce magical effects.

Having built two iterations of the class, the Machinesmith can hang right in there with the wizards and sorcerers. It even can take spellbooks and prepare spells from it, which means that the class will not be isolated like so many magic alternative classes. The Machinesmith is not just sitting back and launching prototypes though. Much like the alchemist class, the machinesmith design allows users to delve into three types of Machinesmiths. One type will alow the player to sit back in a traditional spell slinging roll, the other two allow players to get into the thick of combat. My favorite is the Morbius weapon.

Machinesmith does not just present one class, it gives a lot of bells and whistles for the class. Feats, spells and archetypes help make the class a little easier to integrate into a variety of campaigns.

Fail I wish the class was a little more tech and a lot less magical. The class comes off as a better written artificer than truly a mechanical genius from a flavor point of view, yet the abilities are clearly designed for a more tech described class. I also hated the prestige class included. It’s built only for the Machinesmith, which makes it useful as a prestige class. It should have been designed so current classes can get a piece of the tech tree. The Iron Word Machinesmith presents a great class for campaigns looking to institute a little more tech into their magical soup. It does not go all out with the tech, which will be a positive or a negative for some.

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Classes of NeoExodus: Machinesmith (PFRPG)
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