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Left-Hand Path $13.99
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Christopher H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 11/19/2012 06:14:07

Left Handed Path is one of those must have books. You could say that with a lot of Mage the Awakening books, but this one offers a lot for your money.

Left Handed Path of course covers those mages that follow paths to magic that go against the Pentacle mages, or the Seers of the Throne. The mages are either outlaws, having broken Consilium law and caused trouble, the mad, Abyss worshipping Scelesti, or the soul devouring Reapers and Tremere. With all these groups covered in detail many new options are provided or expanded upon, give plenty of ideas and suggestions for antagonists for your games.

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Left-Hand Path
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