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Solar Echoes Mission: Derelict $5.00
Publisher: Corefun Studios, LLC
by Jim C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/11/2012 01:26:31

The setting seems unafraid to make use of cliches and sketched-in background. Probably there's nothing wrong with using images that everyone can recognise to get to the action quicker. Progress of the adventure, as written, involves telling quite a few untruths to the players and then punishing them for reacting to the situation as described and that, I think, I would want to do differently.

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Creator Reply:
We appreciate your honest review, and have re-examined several areas in the mission as a result. Though players during our beta tests seemed to enjoy the surprises, we do agree that there were a couple spots that were slightly misleading, and have since updated the wording in this mission. We hope this will help enhance the story and overall fun for "Derelict," and thanks again for your feedback!
Corefun Studios, LLC
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Solar Echoes Mission: Derelict
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