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Assassin $1.00
Publisher: Gallant Knight Games
by Timothy B. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 11/05/2012 14:41:51

I don't expect a lot for a buck. Can't buy a bottle of Mt. Dew or a cup of coffee for a buck anymore. But you can buy a class.

This is the classic "1st Edition" class for Labyrinth Lord, but should be compatible with any number of other Old School RPGs.
You get a cover page (oddly formatted, but hey), fours pages of the class and the OGL statement.

The class has what you would expect, tables for advancement and assassinations. Also there is a bit on the use of poisons.

There are, unfortunely a few things missing.

In the missing must haves there is no saving throw advancement tables and no to hit advancement tables. In the missing like to haves there is nothing on new weapons unique to the assassin. Nothing for example about the garrote, the time honored classic of all assassin weapons. This is almost a missing "must have" to be honest. Also in there is no Labyrinth Lord compatibly license statement. I am not sure if it needs one, but I could have sworn that there should have been one.

So it has a lot of potential, but the publisher really needs to fix these omissions.

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Creator Reply:
Mr. Brannan,

Thanks again for your well-thought, professional, honest review. As with the Dragon class you reviewed, both attack values and saves are referred in the class description as using the values featured in the Labyrinth Lore core book in order to reduce redundancy and keep the page count low. Labyrinth Lord compatibility is shown through the image on the cover of the book, just below the BRG logo.

As far as the garrote, that's a great idea! I can't believe the thought to include that slipped my mind! I'll be sure to go back in later and update this product to include this weapon. I thought poison was the "iconic" weapon of the assassin as poison, but your review is an example of how honest, even-handed feedback can help me improve the quality of my products! Please, keep the reviews coming, they really help make BRG fast, fun and free-spirited for all my Labyrinth Lord customers!

James M. Spahn
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