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par Timothy B. [Critique vedette] Date Ajoutée: 11/05/2012 10:47:56


Ok so I grabbed this because it came up in a search for "Drago art" not sure why, there are no dragons in it. That was something of a disappointment, but I kept on going, after all there are a 150+ pages here.

The art varies from semi-serious, to cheesecake. It is all photos with fantasy style trappings and backgrounds. There are some topless women here (and me, fair is fair), but it is all of an artistic sort.

There are not many images here I can use in my games, but the ones that I can seem perfect. There is an African-American male vampire in this is perfect (and they must have also thought this since we get a couple of him), but my opinion was changed with the picture of the "witch" on page 101. Again it is a case of the right thing at the tight time for me. NOTE To publisher: I appreciate the names of the models, but is there anyway to knwo what page they are on? Ok, just who is the model on page 101?

The models are all attractive and we get a variety of types, genders and ethnicity here so that is certainly a plus. One of my first thoughts was there are a lot of good visual images here for a Ravenloft game or some other dark fantasy.

There are also 24 pages of "character sheets" featuring the various models (again the witch on 101 is back on page 150), plus a blank and a back page. Suitable really for most games, but certainly a FRPG in mind.

So while it was not exactly what I was looking for and I also like to buy art I can reuse somehow, I can't fault the publisher any of those.

Great fro printing out and using in a game as a visual aid. Or if there is a character you really want to detail then it's perfect if the character you envision is here. NOTE To publisher 2: maybe small thumbnails of the pictures on the character sheets might be good on your website? That way if someone sees something they like they have a good reason to buy this.

In truth you get a ton of images for $5 (when on sale). Can't really complain about that.

EDITED TO ADD. You can find some of the images on their website. The vampire I mentioned is there, but not the witch I am fond of.

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Ultimate Fantasy Photo Art Collection
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