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Monsters of Sin 4: Lust (Pathfinder RPG) $2.99
Publisher: Kobold Press
by JK R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/30/2012 06:36:37

Lust is arguably the most difficult of the seven deadly sins to deal with in game. Rightly or wrongly, many players have stronger feelings about it than they do, say, violence. This supplement does not shy away from taking those risks, but at the same time, includes a warning absent from the other six books in the series - and, to my mind, with good justification.

The format is much the same as the other books, with 7 pages of content (aside from Wrath, the others all have 6 each), and good production standards. The art, incidentally, does not contain any explicit nudity, so its perfectly safe in that regard. As usual, one page is spent on a discussion of the sin and a template, and half a page on a cautionary tale from the Midgard campaign setting. The template isn't really about lust per se, but rather about obsession with a single individual, and its relevant largely because one of the monsters in the book applies it to others.

There are, as always, four creatures, in this case ranging from CR2 to CR21, although the CR2 entry is actually an example of the application of a CR-1 template - and therefore could be higher or lower, as needed. The template is for a mutant orc. As a creature, it's really quite good, with a variable range of powers, depending on the nature of the mutation, but it has to be said that it has nothing to do with lust. Or at least, no more than half-orcs do, given that most of them were presumably just as created through lustful acts as this creature is.

There's a ghost that attacks because of its own lust, rather than through engendering it anyone else; a welcome turnaround from the way that lust-based creatures often operate. It's a nice concept, that works well.

It's the remaining two creatures that push the boundaries. Neither, in the usual sense, really attacks anyone, although the CR21 example is certainly more than capable of defending itself. Rather, both use mind-control against... well, anyone nearby, really. Of the two, its possibly the weaker one that might cause the most squeamishness, but, in both cases, player characters who fail their saving throws are going to end up doing a whole lot more than kissing if the creatures are used exactly as written. (Not that a good GM couldn't find alternative ways of using them, but it's something to bear in mind).

The first two creatures, then, can be used in just about any campaign. The latter two will either need tweaking, or be restricted to campaigns where sexual mind-control is acceptable. That said, the book itself isn't at all explicit, and it's really up the GM and players exactly how it would be used. Indeed, the monsters are good and original, and they are certainly tied to the theme of the book. They are far from the standard succubus or nymph, and that is to be welcomed.

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Monsters of Sin 4: Lust (Pathfinder RPG)
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