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A1 Lair of the Goblin King $1.00
Publisher: Sacrosanct Games
by Douglas S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/24/2012 22:02:51

The OSRIC version of this module is 8 pages. There is an additional page of GM material in the front (describing the lands surrounding the adventure area; one page for a new creature, two new spells, and two new "arcane items"; one page for 5 sample characters; and five pages of maps. Spoilers follow; skip to the last paragraph to avoid them.

The adventure itself is fairly straightforward: Goblins are attacking innocents and need to be stopped. The reward for this deed seems rather high, especially if the goblin king's head is returned. For a first level party, I would hesitate at handing so much gold out. That said, the goblins themselves are rather weak. While the OSRIC site lists goblins as having 1d8-1 hit points, the basic goblins in this adventure are 1/2 hit dice creatures. Their armor class and weapon damage is also weaker. Overall, they use the stats for kobolds, rather than goblins. The stats for dire wolves are also different from the OSRIC rule books.

Further problems with this adventure involve references to Sacrosanct Games' own system. A more rigorous proofreading of the material would have excised these references, and eliminated some confusion. For example, the "arcane items" mentioned above. At the end of the module, there is reference to the local church that can heal wounds, but instead of listing the cost for a particular spell, the author says a "deep wound" can be cured for 10 gp, while "any severe wound [can be healed] for 50 gp."

Finally, there is an issue with "Outlook Tower/Overlook Tower." Both names are used, once again showcasing the lack of proofreading. There is a what the author calls a plot hook located in the basement of this guard tower, but it will likely derail the PCs. A vivisectionist's table in the basement of a royal tower isn't something that one encounters on a regular basis, and the author's note says "plot hook for expanded adventure, perhaps?" The only problem is that this isn't a plot hook. It's far stronger than that, and not something most PCs would ignore. As there are no further information provided, it's up to the GM to determine answers to players' questions. Not a good thing in a published adventure.

My final rating is 2. There are a lot of problems with this adventure, even for the low price. A skilled GM can fix the problems, but there are other options out there that don't require the additional work.

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A1 Lair of the Goblin King
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