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Myth & Magic Player's Guide $34.99 $12.99
Publisher: New Haven Games
by John S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/24/2012 06:31:51

I stumbled across Myth and Magic about 2 years ago, right about the tail end of the initial round of public testing. The team at New Haven Games were awesome in taking in community feedback and incorporating a good number of the better suggestions from community into the game - several of the Thief abilities, Influence table for Charisma, even the Holy Weapon feature of the Paladin. I have played this system pretty regularly since it's discovery and can honestly, for me, that this is the direction I would've loved to see DnD turn when 2E was discarded by Wizards. The system incorporates many current mechanics in way that stays true to its 2E roots...some modern ideas being ascending ACs, Base-to-Hit (BtH, very BAB-like), bonus spells for exceptional attributes, Fort/Ref/Will saves; some 2E/old school ideas brought forward being multi-classing (advance in 2 classes simultaneously at the expense of needing to require greater XP), return of Weapon Proficiencies and Nonweapon Proficiencies, the removal of the ever escalating numbers of 3E/d20 games. It really does fuse the old school game with the new school approach. I've also had the ability to watch gamers with experience as far back as the 80s and those from 2000 and up pick up the mechanics of the game quite easily. This system hits the bulls eye for me in so many ways. It is definately worth the money.

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Myth & Magic Player's Guide
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