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Monte Cook's World of Darkness
Publisher: White Wolf
by Michael H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/23/2012 15:18:05

Monte Cook's World of Darkness is an interesting take on the setting with a little too much focus on the monster stomping aspects of other popular d20-based games. Monte has taken all of the building blocks of the WoD (Inconnu, vampires, mages, etc.) and built something new with them. There are monsters all over the place and whether you are playing one kind or another your job is pretty much to stomp the bad guys. One of Monte's strengths has always been world building and I am not sure why he didn't do more with this project.

The system is good but not 100% solid. There are some missing rules which technically make some mechanics unusable without house ruling to make things work. After a trip to Monte Cook's forums I was able to find the missing rules (provided by one of the people who helped Monte develop the game) but as such they are not in the book.

All in all this is a decent PDF purchase (although I advise not to spend the money on a print copy unless you can find it cheaper) and you will find enough of a game to play a short campaign. You probably won't get much more out of it than that.

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Monte Cook's World of Darkness
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