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Village Book II (1979) $3.99
Publisher: Judges Guild
by Bruce L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/22/2012 09:59:19

More of the same of what is found in Village Book I... This is a fantastic system-free product: just maps of villages, and some small towns, a few of which even have castles! These can be used for any fantasy game system, allowing the GM to get on with the important stuff, like fleshing out the adventure, without having to draw a map of the village, or town!

The scan is very good quality. Each page features a large hex, with smaller hexes inlaid, and the villages/towns drawn out in very good detail. The community sizes, and shapes, vary considerably. This is one of the many JG gems. Don't wait to download this jewel, if you think you might want it... Several years back, WotC had scans of nearly all of the 1st & 2nd Ed. AD&D modules, and boxed sets, available for purchase, and download -- I waited too long to pick up the ones I wanted, and now they are gone. Don't let these Judges Guild jewels slip away. Cheers!

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Village Book II (1979)
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