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V20 Children of the Revolution $14.99
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Jeremy M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/21/2012 18:04:20

I'll start with a disclaimer: I contributed a small amount of additional material to this book.

Children of the Revolution follows the format of the Kindred Most Wanted - a collection of vampire character profiles, each with a complete set of stats. The characters featured are highly diverse, crossing a spectrum of clans, ages, backgrounds and power levels. Whatever type of chronicle you're playing, you'll probably be able to find at least one character here who you could use in your game, and inspiration for many more. The characters are interesting, engaging, and festooned with potential plot hooks.

The book is full colour throughout. The text has a parchment-like background with a patterned dark-red border, and each character has a full-page introductory portrait. Not all the art will be to everyone's taste, but the styles are as varied as the characters being illustrated, so most people are likely to find at least one piece that they love. Overall, the visual presentation is stunning.

The book follows the V20 default of a second-edition-plus setting - most of the metaplot elements have been left out, but some third edition material, like the existence of the Harbingers of Skulls, is included. Again, this offers maximum flexibility for using the material in your chronicle. You don't even need V20 to use this book - it would work perfectly well with the third or even second edition rules - but it showcases V20's potential to reboot Masquerade in new and better form.

A great product with high production values. Like V20 itself, it's classic Masquerade produced by people with 20 years more experience that the original creators of the game, and that shows.

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V20 Children of the Revolution
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