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Hunter: The Vigil Quickstart (One Year Later) $0.00
Publisher: White Wolf
by Michael H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/18/2012 18:44:03

"One Year Later" was White Wolf's offering for Free RPG Day 2008. The module is built like a S.A.S. and has everything a troupe needs to play Hunter the Vigil except for 10-sided dice.

The story takes place "one year later" in the city of Pittsburgh and can be played as a sequel to The Hunt (Hunter's other Quickstart S.A.S.) or as a standalone story. Players need no knowledge of what took place in the first module although playing one after the other can enhance the game play experience. Both modules (separate or together) are excellent jumping off points for a chronicle of your design or as a one-shot game. In this story each player will take on the role of one of "Gabreski's Boys" which is the name the cell has taken for itself. The cell is still cleaning up the mess left behind after the events of the previous S.A.S. but now they are down to a single ghoul. The cell wants revenge for their friends who were killed and the ghoul wants revenge for all of its brothers the cell has destroyed.

The story is fairly straight forward and moves quickly so it can be played in a single session or easily stretched over two or three. The plot covers all the usual types of activities hunters will find themselves engaged in including chases, investigation, research and unusual encounters with the supernatural. By the end of this S.A.S. your troupe should have a good feel for the basics of a Hunter game and will be more than ready to build from there.

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Hunter: The Vigil Quickstart (One Year Later)
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