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Fading Suns Shards Collection Volume One $14.99
Publisher: Ulisses Spiele
by JD S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/17/2012 22:34:49

A poor product. You get 98 actual pages, about a third of which are NPC statistics. Art is frequent, the blocky, primitive type usual to Fading Suns. Each page is fitting with ink-cartridge killing black heading bands and scroll-work.

The scenarios presented within are simplistic, and linear to an extreme. The players get two or three choices at best, and the actions of NPCs are so scripted that player participation seems rather moot.

The objectives of two scenarios are endless wealth in the form of utterly invaluable tech, which is rather loosely guarded at best. A common device is the ‘moral choice’, where the authors substitute a (rather vague) moral dilemma in place of a plot.

Despite a vast number of adjectives which were expended in an effort to bring various extremely specific settings to life, there is not a single diagram, floor plan, deck plan, or map in the book. Given that ships and a space station are extremely common scene settings, and two assassination attempts (which are pre-foiled in the plot) are planned, there are no tools to help a GM set out who is where, even at the most basic level. The authors would have done well to drop half or more of the art and throw in at least casual layouts of key areas.

Although the book opens with a reference to the Questing Knights, the scenarios are free-lance operations in the service of a minor House not well covered in existing material.

In summary, you would be better off just taking the brief descriptions of the enclosed scenarios listed on the product site and using them as seeds, as the full material adds very little.

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Fading Suns Shards Collection Volume One
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