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Strange, Dead Love $9.99
Publisher: White Wolf
par Christopher H. [Critique vedette] Date Ajoutée: 09/14/2012 15:35:03

Strange Dead Love is a great little addition to Vampire the Requiem. It acts as a sort of answer and antidote to the high profile vampire media that has focused on the subject of Vampires and love.

Strange Dead Love of course meets the high standards that White Wolf set out to achieve, with new art and excellent writing.

Primarily SDL provides a number of shards that offer different potential stories or chronicles to run. Some may seem obvious, but having such a collection laid out for use is great if you desire to inject into your game stories and themes that focus on romance, love, and how twisted and tragic such things become with Vampires.

These shards not only offer story ideas, but they also offer new game remixes, and so changing the manner in which the game is played (for example one shard is all about show casing the secret politics of the characters in order to make a drama filled game not unlike a soap opera).

Of course there is a chapter on that looks into how to fully replicate the paranormal romance chapter, and in particular, how to accommodate such stories in a group of players, for some of whom such themes are not the focus of their part of the game.

Overall a nice addition if you need to show players how romance is not a boring game theme.

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Strange, Dead Love
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