Legends & Lairs: Draconic Lore
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Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
par Evan M. Date Ajoutée: 06/08/2004 11:48:25

Draconic Lore is simply a bestary of draconic creatures. The true dragons that the book covers ranges from relativly normal to bizarre. The book also includes a number of creatures with the Dragon type and a race of Evil draconic Humanoids. The book does not conatin anything other then the standerd monster entries. Some of the books most notable features are its rendition of drakes, drakes are a group of small dragons that increase in power as they age just like dragons. However they are nowhere near as big or powerful as the real thing. Draconic Lore also presents a few new breeds of miniature dragons, a draconic steed, and a magic eating dragon that is nearly imuune to magic. I have found this book to be really cool, but I have seldom used it in my home campain. Some of the dragons in the book are thier too wierd to use or have powers that render them nearly unusable. Others are done perfectly. All in all I give the book 4.

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Legends & Lairs: Draconic Lore
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