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Dark Outpost
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Publisher: Eldritch Enterprises
by Eric F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/12/2012 00:12:26

Dark Outpost is the latest effort by James Ward. Not simply a lonely out post in space adventure but a whole mini campaign in 88 pages. The layout & artwork are old school in the science fantasy tradition. The story is an interesting twist on some of the usual elements of science fantasy gaming. The game adventure is generic & could be plugged into any science fiction or science fantasy game system with ease. There are new pieces of equipment, new monsters, & a ton of maps in this one. This is really where the adventure shines offering what amounts to a fun solid night of play or several that could be stretched out the DM sees fit. The ideas here hearken back to the early days of many of James Ward's work for TSR but are much more entertaining. This is a great little adventure & very well done.

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Dark Outpost
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