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#1 With a Bullet Point: 5 Haste/Slow Feats $1.28
Publisher: Rogue Genius Games
by Joshua G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/03/2012 02:42:12

5 Haste/Slow feats is yet another round in the never ending magazine of bullets Owen is firing off this summer. Following the basic look and feel of this excellent series, the PDF is presented in landscape, with a three column approach (although the third column is filled with artwork both times, lol) for the main body of the material, weighing in at 4 pages. Sporting three pieces of pretty decent art, and no true editing/grammatical speed bumps to speak of, this entry into the Bullet line lives up to usual standard of quality that I have come to expect from SGG. So, let's dive in and see what we have this time, shall we?

Distorted Speed is an interesting feat in that it goes both ways on the spectrum, being able to affect haste, or slow (or even blessing of fervor if you allow it within your campaign). Short and simple breaks down to this, those enjoying haste or fervor get to pick from a short list of variant perks instead of accepting the normal boost, while those suffering under slow are at your mercy with a new list of options for them as well. Nice, very very nice. Marathon of One gives you the ability to focus your speed spell of choice on a single target, as opposed to an to say, am seeing some serious options for when this could be real handy. Master of Speed is one of those feats that proves once again Owen should have been around a long long time ago tucking his little nuggets of brilliance into the game...OK, follow me here...we've all been there, the play group roll their initiative rolls, the weakest non combat prepared players not only roll high, they roll really high...while your muscle rolls lower than the GM's critters/bad guys/insert evil thing here...crap...well folks, no more. With master of speed the spellcaster can “collect” the parties initiative rolls, and redistribute them as they see fit...yeah, you read that right, let it soak in. If a playgroup plays it right, the fighter will always be where he needs to be in rotation, the healer won't be wasted right off the bat, etc etc, you get the idea...Overlord of Speed really starts to give your speed spell chucking character some meat, any time a foe fails a save against a spell, SU ability or spell-like ability vs. you they suffer a slow[/] effect. Now, as cool as that is, this feat is not quite done yet...because if you have an ally in range, they get a [i]haste[/] just for being in the right place at the right time.

Which takes us to the fifth feat, Unrestrained Spell. Now, this feat is seriously useful for a spell chucking character, as it increases the the range between targets for ANY spell that defines a parameter of distance between targets....wait, wha? What does that have to do with [i]haste/slow? Specifically? Nothing. But, in the broader scope, everything. Haste and slow both are limited by the whole “must be within so many feet of each other blah blah blah” are many other spells. So, does this one belong here, yeah,'s just uber cool that it also applies to a massive amount of other spells.

So, tallying it all up.....hmm, not much on the negative side there.....OK, not often do I look at the ratings and wish they went higher than 5...but here I am wanting a sixth star. I love the speed set, and being able better manipulate them makes me a happy GM. I'm going with an official 5 star, well worth the price of admission and all....but this one is a straight 6 as far as I am concerned.

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#1 With a Bullet Point: 5 Haste/Slow Feats
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