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Publisher: KromeDragon Games
by Daniel H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/27/2012 17:24:20

I played this adventure with my "at home" game (two pre-teen children wife), and enjoyed it.

The Good: Editing and art were excellent. The included encounter maps were a very nice touch, and very well done.

I also liked the continuity of the encounters - the story is effectively told "backwards", as you fight through minions towards the ultimate encounter. This helps keep the players in suspense. This was my players' first encounter with the kind of opponents they were facing, and they found the "theme" of the opponents challenging to deal with.

All in all, a fun side-trek to pick up a few extra xp and some cash. Zuzu may become a recurring character in our campaign.

I was able to transplant this adventure into Varisia with almost no changes, using the Ordellia suburb of Magnimar as the "city" in question.

My only complaint is that the "beat cop" investigation part goes on a bit in actual play, and my players almost decided not to help these reticent citizens. Perhaps more competent investigators would have been able to meet the DCs involved, but I would suggest that with so many people apparently willing to discuss their problem, that only the "interview" part should be played; assume there are a ready group of informants available.

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The Bloody Cauldron
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