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High-Space Battlemaps: Firelight Scout Ship $1.00
Publisher: StoryWeaver
by Jeremy S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/27/2012 16:17:54

It is hard to know what to expect when getting a ship design and map pack. There are several other similar lines already available from this site, two lines that come immediately to mind are Futura Armada and the line by UKG publishing. I really liked those two.

This one does not disappoint. I can see this in use in a gaming session, which is the entire point of the product. My only complaints are:

1) I would like to have it already tell me what sort of Aquisition level this is, so I know at a glance if it is right for my gaming group. This is a really good way to see just how "good" a given vessel is at a glance.

2) It would be fun to see a pre-made crew, maybe with some sort of plot hooks or something so that it can be plopped into a game. Of course, this part is not necessary, especilally considering the price. I figure that it is easier to sell more desings than designs with crwws that may or may not be used by a given group.

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High-Space Battlemaps: Firelight Scout Ship
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