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An Gearesdan 20 x 20 miles: A Torn World Overland Map $1.00
Publisher: Torn World
by Lee S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/25/2012 22:02:41

MAP_-_AnGearesdan20x20(no_labels).JPG 5 Visually stunning map for players, no labels allows the players to mark up all they want on this map. The map shows the location of the major seaport of An Gearesdan and the rough outline of the city.

MAP_-_AnGearesdan20x20(CLOSE).JPG 5 This map has been zoomed in a bit more than the other two maps to show more detail for players and DM alike. Names of some locations are also on this map such as mountains and plains etc. The font and colors of the text is easy on the eyes.

MAP_-_AnGearesdan_20x20.JPG 5 This is the exact same map as the (no_labels) map, but it has labels and shown at more altitude than the (CLOSE) map. Again, a beautiful map for your enjoyment.

TWOM011_An_Gearesdan_20x20.pdf 5 This PDF has all three maps in it plus the details on the areas shown. The details of the prison colony and how it started and ended are listed and I must say, I like the promises of many a games/campaigns it can generate. Overall, this is a solid product, once again I recommend this to anyone wanting to play in torn. It could also be used as a standalone island in your own campaign if you wish to go that way too.

This product I give a solid 5, great graphics, and a nice storyline for the area give the GM lots of options open to them. Well done!

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An Gearesdan 20 x 20 miles: A Torn World Overland Map
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