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The Company $13.00
Publisher: D101 Games
por Rory H. [Comprador verificado] Fecha en que fue añadido: 08/24/12 19:49:21

The system, based on OpenQuest, is well polished in this supplement although the 'professional' level characters may feel a little underpowered to some. It's not a particularly crunchy set of rules either, if people are expecting this sort of thing from a RuneQuest derived ruleset, with the skill lists being relatively short and no magical abilities or the equivalent.

The game premise is pretty tight too, with 'The Company' being a (largely UK-military-style) international mercenary outfit that feels suitably 'modern' in it's plausibility. The illustrations are all taken from stock photos, which largely captures the right feel. You could run a lot of modern military missions within the scope of this game.

As a small print game, therefore it's pretty successful, although it lacks a 'hook' (supernatural or otherwise) to attract a bigger RPG audience I'd argue. You could add in supernatural elements taken from any other number of compatible BRP games, but of course this would detract from the 'real world' aspect of the original premise.

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The Company
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