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D-Percent - Chinese Names $0.75
Publisher: Black Falcon Games LLC
by Chris H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 08/15/2012 01:22:21

This product delivers exactly what it promises: 100 Chinese family names, 100 Chinese male given names, and 100 Chinese female given names. The product description mentions that “the [Chinese] naming convention is family name followed by given name,” but it would have been helpful to repeat this information within the PDF itself. On the other hand, the page is very crowded as it is, and the tables are arranged with the family names on the left, so the very layout implies the proper sequencing of family names and given names. I found this product very helpful for naming Chinese PCs and NPCs in my supers game, without falling into repeatedly reusing names of Chinese people I’ve encountered in real life. By the way, this product uses the Pinyin system of transliteration, and users may want to insert hyphens into some of the two-element given names (for example, spelling Xiaofan and Xiaolan as Xiao-Fan and Xiao-Lan) for easier reading. As a college professor, I’ve known dozens of Chinese students, and the names collected in this table seem authentic. However, I don’t speak Chinese, so I can’t speak with authority on this point. There are a few “runs” where one could wish for less similar names in sequence.

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D-Percent - Chinese Names
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