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Map Pack: The RPG Toolbox Vol 1 $0.99
Publisher: Dimensions Game Software
by Brian T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/12/2012 13:53:28

This "product" had no instructions on how to access the data sheets, so perhaps I am just too dumb to use it. It came with a text file and a folder of data sheets and imagines. The data sheets were text also, and all the text files contained were links or buttons- none of which I could get to work. Since there are some good reviews of this product, I assume it works somehow, it just would have been nice to know what I needed to do to access the information before I wasted $2 on this and the World Generator. Dimensions Game Software are currently at the top of my "POS" list. This is a family site or I'd explain what POS stands for. Total waste!

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Map Pack: The RPG Toolbox Vol 1
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