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Beasts of the Dominions
Publisher: GRAmel
by Thomas S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/09/2012 18:24:53

Beast of the Dominion is a book everyone should have if they are running a Beast and Barbarians campaign. It is filled with ten new antagonists you can be worked into any campaign to challenge the players. The antagonists could be a single creature, threat, or organization offering a broad selection of challenges.

The book is well written and designed. The book is broken down by adversary listing the notable details up front, like habitat, description (including a brief history), and stat block. Each one this then followed by a fairly detailed Heroic Tale (short adventure) that easily can fill a session or two. The scenarios are well though out and use a lot of different aspects of Savage Words, such as chases, dramatic tasks, battles—with a good dash of combat for good measure. In addition a full set of stats for the NPCs in the scenario are included at the end of the tale, proving a quick reference point for the GM. The book is sprinkled with various sidebars offering suggestions on how to expand the tale, or historical bits of the region/items the PCs may encounter in an area.

One thing I like is that they didn't waste space with unnecessary stat blocks for NPCs, just the necessary changes were listed. For example in one tale there is an encounter with Amazons. The GM is directed the solider stat block and then told which small changes were made to make the character unique. This means the page count is filled with useful details rather than a lot of duplicated information.

The bonus supplement at the end with the Disciples of the Black Temple is a nice addition that offers more options to players and GMs. A whole campaign could be centered around this group and their plans quiet easily.

Like most of the B&B books, this one can easily be used for any fantasy game with little effort on the GM, making it a good resource.

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Beasts of the Dominions
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