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Cerulean Seas Campaign Setting
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Publisher: Alluria Publishing
by Nicholas B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/25/2012 15:08:32

This book is a steal at the current price, though I admit the price used to be higher and that kept me from checking it out. Now that I have it, I intend to buy the print edition. Very short but here's the pros and cons of the book:

Pros: a fantastic resource for an undersea campaign environment and very comprehensive at that; gorgeous illustrations, the nicest 3PP Pathfinder book I have yet seen; full of useful and interesting content; provides three dimensional rules for undersea combat.

Cons: Very specific to undersea adventuring, so of limited use if that's not your thing; the undersea combat rules look a bit complex.

Overall ratings:

Style and Presentation A+ Content: A+ for what it sets out to do; a C if you are looking to mine for ideas in on undersea campaigns. General Value: A+

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Cerulean Seas Campaign Setting
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