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Shadowrun: Used Car Lot $7.95
Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs
por Adrian S. [Featured Reviewer] Fecha en que fue añadido: 07/24/12 17:56:14

‘Used Car Lot’ is a supplement which I can see having a great longevity on my bookshelf, in the same way the ‘Riggers Black Book’ has stood the test of time. The main premise here is that sometimes runners either don’t have a lot of nuyen to throw around, or simply need a vehicle for a single purpose or run. In those times, cheap and (generally) reliable are the watchwords and the vehicles in this catalogue deliver.

There are twenty-six vehicles in the first section to choose from and cover the opulent (like the Rolls Royce Phaeton), the sleek and fast bikes (such as the older Yamaha Rapier, and its armoured and awesome big brother the BMW Blitzen 2050), off-road campers (the Ford Bison and the more luxurious Rolls Royce Prairie Cat) and those that simply scream ‘action chase scene’ (take one look at the Lockheed-Chenowth Light Strike Vehicle – you’ll see what I mean). Land rovers, pickup trucks, sedans, armoured assault vehicles (including a win for DocWagon) and a moped for the environmentally conscious runner round off the section.

‘From Across the Pond’ then deals with a selection of Eurocars, and opens with a Troll-sized motorcycle guaranteed to make it onto your players wishlists. The rest is certainly interesting and well worth including; although the Eurocar President looks a small conversion job away from becoming a Batmobile (and has halfway decent armour to back up this imagery).

The art is all appealing, the layout clear and designed for quick reference and the content extremely practical. For the (re)usability of this product, the pricing is excellent, and so it deserves richly all five stars from this reviewer.

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Shadowrun: Used Car Lot
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