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Mistborn Adventure Game Digital Edition $34.99 $14.99
Publisher: Crafty Games
by Jason C. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 07/21/2012 23:57:32

I recently got this in hardcopy, and was happy to review it here as well. I should note up front that I've never read the Mistborn series and honestly don't really read that much fantasy. So I came into it as an experienced roleplayer but a complete Mistborn noob.

The system presented is a solid system using six sided dice, similar to the classic d6 system from West End Games, though with some updated material to assist in improvisation and encourage players to use descriptions and environments for dynamic, vivid play. Characters roll a set of d6s and sum the result, trying to beat a target number. It gets the job done.

The setting is described succinctly and evocatively in a chapter or two, with a few more more dedicated to the magic system of the setting, which is unique. Magic in this world is connected to different sorts of metal and they have unique properties.

For example, one sort of magical effect permits people to offload their memories into magical pieces of copper, for later recall. What's important about these effects is that they are expansively detailed not necessarily in their capacities, but in how they've impacted the setting. What does it mean when a mage literally can carry a library in his pocket - what kind of personality would it create to know nothing until they need to know it? (No smart remarks about smartphones and wikipedia apps.)

Characters are part of a "crew", with a shared agenda, from the beginning. This selection helps games find direction, which is definitely needed in a fantasy world that you might not know anything about.

The ultimate test of a "new fantasy world" RPG for me is whether I want to play it, and the answer is yes, yes, I really, really do. This game makes me want to play a Mistborn game right away.

Because of the compelling, clear setting, the unique magical materials and the solid, well-explained system, I'm giving this game my highest marks.

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Mistborn Adventure Game Digital Edition
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