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Publisher: Crafty Games
by Matt L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/21/2012 18:55:59

Mistborn is an RPG that is set in an already defined world, as many of you already know. I will not spend a lot of time going over the world details. I will focus more on the game mechanics here. You will be able to read my full review at

Crafty games has managed to create a completely new RPG system for this fantasy steampunk genre. The system is a d6 system that uses a pool of dice. The roll that a player makes can be augmented by various traits and skills. As with almost all RPG's the task you are trying to accomplish determines the difficulty as defined by the narrator (GM).

Another cool aspect in the Mistborn Game is that you are encouraged to describe what ever you want in great detail. This is something that should be done in the fashion that each group of gamers accepts with in their session.

The Magic system is truly unique and is very detailed. There is a complete, history, methodology, and mechanic system for each “school” of magic. This allows players to truly explore them and develop characters in several different ways, giving each a lot of flavor.

Character creation is well dummy proof. I do not believe I have seen a system that has so much detail on character creation. There is in fact so much detail you actually have to try and make a mistake. The methodology is not that different from other systems. That is powers and attributes. Of course you can focus on a certain area, doing this will weaken other areas. The character generation system kind of has the role of a character built in to it.

I like Mistborn. I think crafty did a darn good job creating a system that that is unique. The draw back I see is that it is unique. By creating a unique system role players will not just be able to pick it up and play a game. Again you can read the full review at

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Mistborn Adventure Game Digital Edition
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