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ICONS: Murder of Crowes $5.00
Publisher: Ad Infinitum Adventures
by Chris H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 07/19/2012 01:18:30

This adventure is rather dark for ICONS, beginning as it does with the murder of a small-town teenager. Imagine a blend of elements from Smallville’s first season and Children of the Corn, and you’re somewhere in the neighborhood of Murder of Crowes. There’s a good bit of investigation involved here, with action scenes sprinkled in at strategic moments, before you eventually get to the showdown with the main antagonist. Even there, the antagonist’s motives and nature remain ambiguous enough to allow for multiple approaches. The adventure is very well designed and presents a compelling series of events. The proofreading lags well behind the adventure design in quality; mistakes like “Jacob Crowes remembers him mom” and various instances of misused punctuation crop up more often than they should. There’s not much coaching for GMs, so this probably wouldn’t be the best choice for an inexperienced GM; due to the subject matter, I also wouldn’t recommend it if you’re playing with grade-school kids. A relatively inexperienced GM planning to run Murder of Crowes would do well to read the “Running an Investigative Adventure” sidebar on p. 9 of the ICONS adventure Whiteout! by John Post. For a relatively more mature group (by which I mean middle school and up, probably), you should be able to get a good night of slightly macabre fun out of this module.

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ICONS: Murder of Crowes
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