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Publisher: Crafty Games
by Cleta A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/13/2012 20:42:24


My very first time ever playing a RPG game and I am totally hooked after playing Mistborn. The Novella to the game was very well written could have been a novel on it's own accord but described the world and game very well . The world of Scadrial is a world ruled by a dark lord and the Nobles that work along with him and society under the darklord . The people and creatures were described to the point I felt like I could see through through their eyes and to see what was happening in the land there were so much detail for example the "Skaa" people who you will learn more about in the game I could just see their ashen covered faces and their dirty hands as they slaved and worked for the Nobles and we treated very badly sometimes worse than animals even. The Nobles of course were in control of all the mines and plantations in the land the mines being where all the metals and gold came from as Burgh Bylerum would pass all this down to his sons as had been done many times in the past. The ladies are very elegant as described with beautiful dresses but don't be fooled they are very strong and can stand on their own accord.

The game made it very easy for a beginner like myself to play the game what you need to play at least one to five friends and someone who is willing to become the narrator who will share the world and the characters to a point everyone can take on their own role as whatever character they have chosen.

The Mistborn Adventure Game uses six-sided dice (the cube-shaped ones you find in most family board games), and you should have at least five to ten of them. Each player could have their own dice if they wish. The game takes place in a Final Empire on a world called Scadrial there are
4 key cities in the game 1.Central Dominance: Luthadel is the capital of the Central Dominance and the entire Final Empire 2.Terris Dominance:Terris is the ancestral home of the Terrismen. It is a mountainous region located north of the Northern Dominance 3.Northern Dominance: Urteau is a key crossroads city in the Northern Dominance. It was the traditional seat of House Venture although the family is based mainly in the capital 4.Western Dominance:Fadrex City is an important cross roads city in the Western Dominance. Although all cities outside of Luthadel are forbidden from having walls, Fadrex City has a natural rock formation that makes it very easy to defend. Then the people. 1.Nobles : They are early supporters of the Lord Ruler and they got the gift of Allomancy because of their support. 2.Skaa: descendants of people who did not support the Lord Ruler when he first came to power basally slaves to the nobles and were treated very badly. Creatures 1.Mistwraiths : They are part of the reason the Skaa people fear the mist they are shape shifters and scavengers that have the ability to add the bones of creatures they consume to their own forms. Mistwraiths can become kandra. 2.Kandra : they are quite intelligent, and valued for their skill as impersonators. To hire a Kandra you must pay him with with atium, the most powerful Allomantic metal and they do not die naturally. 3.Koloss: Bestial creatures they have two emotional states boredom and rage . They have superhuman strength and grow to a maximum height of about 13 feet at which point their hearts cannot support their bulk and they die. Although powerful in combat they are seldom used for they have a tendency to completely ravage the enemy in battle making them unsuitable for attacking cities and other civilized targets. They can be controlled with emotional Allomancy by a very powerful Mistborn or a group of Soothers. Rules 1.Any player can veto a detail about his or her own character. 2.The Narrator can veto or confirm any detail introduced by anyone regardless of whose character is impacted or how. 3.Beats: The Narrator decides the length of each Beat and can change the length of each beat A character who “catches a Beat” may take an extra action. This action may not be saved and is lost if not used immediately. A character who “loses a Beat” has to sit the next Beat out, unable to take any meaningful actions.

To sum everything up this game has everything needed to make it easy for even someone like me who has never played a RPG game before to start a game and get totally hooked. The novella was extremely long and could have been a novel on its on but if you enjoy reading as I do and want to get great details about the game and the story behind it you will truly enjoy reading it. Making your crew is very easy and making your characters is very easy I found it very exciting describing my character (She was a lady shift shaper) her looks were very deceiving and had the ability to change into whatever she encountered to use it in battle. My over all view on this it is very well done everything a great RPG game should have I am now hooked. Thank you, Cleta Amburgey

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Mistborn Adventure Game Digital Edition
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