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A Resection of Time
Publisher: Chaosium
par Tomas W. [Acheteur vérifié] Date Ajoutée: 07/06/2012 06:01:15

“A resection of time” is a well though out and exciting scenario, - in short its 1990s Call of Cthulhu done right!

Good things:

  • A good story!
  • The characters backgrounds stories are not what it seems, so the horror is also on a personal level for each player, not only the splatter/monster level.
  • Many fun scenes, and (at least half-) believable characters in just the right mix with larger than life exploration, some Indiana Jones action (but not to much pulp) and just plain weird stuff.
  • Has good historical background information on the Maya.
  • Beautiful handouts.
  • Very nice dream scenes for the players.
  • Easy to expand/twist with your own plot creations and characters.

Some bad things: -Not the best dramaturgy of events, so you have to rearrange them. Placement of the different handouts is one example, where the most revealing might come to early, and some of the fluff is found near the end. You probably also like to switch the arrangement, or maybe mix, the scenes where the investigators go to Arkham and the Foundation, - but that's just my opinion.

  • The handouts are to long and some are not important enough. And on the other hand some important info should have been made into a handout, but is not!
  • Should have included some guidelines for designing suitable characters, and more examples of motivations and incentives for getting hired by Swarthz in the beginning.

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A Resection of Time
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