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ICONS: Flight of the Nova-1 $5.00
Publisher: Ad Infinitum Adventures
by Christopher H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 06/25/2012 00:10:02

“Flight of the Nova-1” offers a fun scenario for either a new (using the prologue) or existing (skipping straight to chapter 1) superteam. Chapter 1 basically sets up the dramatic situation, and chapters 2–4 resolve the issue (or so the players will hope!) over a series of three combat encounters. The end of the adventure teases a forthcoming product; this will either build anticipation or frustration, depending on your perspective (and your confidence in Adamant’s release schedule) and your interest in running the projected series of adventures in sequence.

Dan Houser’s artwork is, of course, wonderful, although, GMs not familiar with the full range of ICONS character from Adamant might incorrectly think that the illustration on p. 11 depicts Wrack and Sapphire Synapse, the villains involves in the action described there, when the illustration really features Dr. Punch and Electric Judy, heroes from the adventure “No Laughing Matter” who have no connection to the “Nova-1” storyline.

His writing isn’t quite as good, mainly because he occasionally takes too much for granted instead of spelling things out in detail, forcing the prospective GM to “read his mind.” It was also discouraging to find a homonym error in the very first sentence (“baited breath” instead of the proper “bated breath.” Unfortunately, this is the beginning of a trend; grammatical errors, oddities, and inconsistencies (especially related to punctuation and capitalization) crop up repeatedly, marring an otherwise excellent product.

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ICONS: Flight of the Nova-1
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