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#1 With a Bullet Point: 5 Fireball Feats (Full Clip!) $1.00
Publisher: Rogue Genius Games
by Joshua G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/22/2012 00:05:39

Continuing what has got to be one of my favorite continuing lines of RPG support material, this Bullet Point brings us a handful of interesting twists for that age old classic, the Fireball spell. Giving us five feats designed to alter or enhance the effects of either the Fireball spell, or any other evocation of similar nature that your GM would be willing to apply these feats to, this Bullet Point goes a long way towards proving that the Fireball spell is still viable at the table.

Following the standard three column landscape format, the cover page has changed slightly in that the cover image is not quite as large, and this particular Bullet Point has four pages instead of the standard three, but otherwise the format is identical to the familiar look and feel fans of the Bullet Point series will expect to see. Editing as always is above the board and solid. Three pieces of art, two color one B&W, all stock but good pieces.

Up first is the Environmental Effects feat, detailing just what happens to the terrain and environment around the spell effect area, I mean honestly, you just set off a freaking fireball, has no one ever wondered what happens to the surrounding material caught in that fire? Broken down by sections such as Ice/Water (Steam steam the wonderful steam), Metal (super heated for additional rounds of heat damage), Wood/Plants (dazzling blaze of inferno light) or Dirt/Earth/Stone (vaporized earth does tend to release gasses ya know).

Cometstrike allows for a more aimed missile of fiery goodness, tightening the overall effect into a comet of fire that explodes with a smaller radius. Fiery Wrath takes selective targeting to a new place, in that you hand over control of your Fireball spell to a summoned Fire Elemental and actually pick your targets within the range of the spell's affected area, thereby allowing you to “skip” over allies and friends, leaving them unscathed. Implosion goes off as a normal Fireball, but blows itself out as it exhausts all available air instantly, thereby creating a vacuum effect that can pull targeted foes to the center of its blast radius.

Shockwave works as an opposite to Implosion, in that the feat allows your Fireball spell to push targets away from its center.

Another excellent addition to the Bullet Point series, and further proof as to why this series continues to grow. Well worth the price of admission, and an easy 5 star rating.

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#1 With a Bullet Point: 5 Fireball Feats (Full Clip!)
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