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Basic Roleplaying
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Publisher: Chaosium
by Rene C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/15/2007 10:45:29

Chaosium, since 1978, has been such a radical leap ahead in the evolutionary depuration of RPGs that it is comparable to having been able to use submarines and computers in the victorian age, while the rest of the world used, well, whatever they used in that age. Amongst one of the many revolutionary concepts developed by Chaosium since then, was a universal game system for all of their products. This book is the synthesized version of that system. It includes all you need to understand, play and adapt one of the best game systems ever devised to any world you may ever create, in barely 16 pages of text (plus the 2 covers). Well described and thoroughly exemplified this book is more than worth it's price. This book does not contain however a fully described world nor bestiary. This book is mainly for those who would like to build upon a set of outstanding rules framework. Chaosium system overview: Uses 7 characteristics (ranging 3-18). Skill based (percentages), so actions are resolved rolling d100. Uses all dice (d4, d6, d8, etc). Uses backgrounds during PC generation. No artificial restrictions for equipment or occupations.

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Basic Roleplaying
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