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Castle Ruins: A Hand-Crafted Map $2.50
Publisher: Tangent Games
by Stephen P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/24/2012 15:08:50

This product is only really necessary if you have no ability to draw or no time to create your own layouts. I was hoping for something more artistic with the title "A Hand Crafted Map", but what I got looks the same as the maps I would have drawn on graph paper with a #2 pencil back in High School. Maybe I'm expecting too much for the cost of the supplement: however, if I could have seen a larger preview, I wouldn't have bought this. I don't mind paying for good or ambitious products, but for $2.50 this is not a good buy, maybe 99¢.

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Creator Reply:

Thank you for your feedback. You are correct - our target is the GM who may not have time to create their own maps and wants a map in a hurry. As we say in our introduction to the product, "The maps within are all hand drawn and evoke a time of simplicity in role-playing games when the only things you needed to play were a character sheet, a pencil, some dice, and your imagination. These maps are intended to be system independent: only a general overview for the location and its levels are given, leaving the imaginative GM to fill in the blanks."

Because Hand-Crafted Maps are not system dependent and provide a general overview of the location, a GM is free to fill in the details specifically for their campaign and group of players. This versatility allows the GM to spend more time focused on the players and the game and not wondering what they should drawn next on the map.

We will check on the preview available for the product. There should be a preview available showing the first map available in the product, so we will make sure that is addressed. Thank you for bringing that to our attention.

Geoff Habiger
Tangent Games
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Castle Ruins: A Hand-Crafted Map
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