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101 Monster Feats (PFRPG) $5.99
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Joshua G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/24/2012 06:03:24

Weighing in at 19 pages with the prerequisite Cover/OGL/Ad combo eating up 5 pages, we are left with 14 pages of feats...that's right 14 pages. What, you thought 101 feats with a full description for each would fit in just a few pages? Following the standard dual column approach with embedded artwork, Mr. Russell continues to impress me with his ability to hunt down excellent old world art pieces that have helped define the look and feel of his books, and mixed them with a collection of recent stock pieces to pull off a very slick look and feel for yet another Rite publishing offering in the 101 series.

Being exactly what the title promised, this is a collection of feats designed for monster races, and not your players. An excellent means of changing and adding a few features to your next creature to keep a play group on their toes, and keep them thinking, as foes with new tricks make for interesting creatures, as opposed to the same old same old. So, let's dive into it, shall we?

OK, obviously I'm not going to cover all 101 of these, but I am going to pick out a few choice examples, and for those we start with Alter Breath Weapon. I mean, its so obvious it makes one wonder why this wasn't already in the game, how do you make your offensive breathers new and interesting? Change their breath weapon energy type of course. Cloak Alignment costs the usage of a 2nd or higher level spell-like ability, but suppresses your alignment aura, and puts you under a misdirection effect. Continous Breath Weapon gives us that massive gout of breath weapon that just keeps on coming that Hollywood has us all in love with. Divine Dragon replaces sorcerer casting levels with divine spellcasting levels instead...hmm, a natural clerical dragon,,,intriguing. Elemental Surge allows for an elemental to rapidly expand and reform, injuring all around them with either bludgeoning or fire damage (depending on elemental). Greater Curse of Lycanthropy is the type of feat that allows for creating those generational chains within a lycan pack, linking progeny to sire. Inhuman Name reminds us that when trying to cast certain spells (banishment, binding etc.) being able to actually pronounce the name of that you wish to effect is crucial. Invested Form truly makes gaze attacks a scary scary concept, changing the limit for range to line of sight. Now, to put that in reference, how far away are planes when they fly overhead? Birds? With this feat, if you can see it, you get a chance to effect it. Living Phylactery is hands down a must have feat for any and all counting on a phylactery to be their backup plan, you turn a creature who has failed their save against your paralyzing touch into a second phylactery, even if they have recovered from the paralysis. The idea of turning an enemy into a backup plan to the backup is to rich, and to tempting not to do. Pandemoniac Corruption is just wrong on so many levels, lol. Impregnate your opponent with goo that will take them on a painful and disgusting ride for a few days before killing them and violently destroying their bodies in birthing into the world a new member of your species....eeewwwww. And yes, there's even a quickened version that will kill in in a matter of rounds instead of days.

And last, but oh so not least, is Teleport Attack. A feat that allows one to use the spell of the same name (presented within this material) that allows you to teleport a foe into solid objects, a rather gruesome way to kill, I like it.

So, final thoughts? Editing, formatting all very good. There was an issue with spaces missing between a few words in the opening paragraph, but that was the only thing I saw, and that's pretty good in this much text to only have one line with an issue. Where as the feats don't carry names with as much oddity as a few of the feat collections, they do have the design strengths behind them, and that is what makes books like this worth having. Pick this one up, change up your creatures, and further torment your players as they try to figure out what new abilities the standard creatures have suddenly learned, and how to survive whilst they learn. A solid 5 star rating for an excellent collection of feats designed with a GM in mind.

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101 Monster Feats (PFRPG)
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