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The Gaslight Equipment Catalogue $10.95
Publisher: Chaosium
by Brian L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/18/2012 17:32:54

The Gaslight Equipment guide should be part of the library for any Victorian or Steampunk game. Cthulhu, Space 1889, Red Sands etc gamers should all have it for their group.

Sections are separated by topic. Only a few are directly related to combat or combat mechanics. Combat mechanics are written for Cthulhu/BRP. These you can easily replace with those of your used game system or make up stats for the mechanics in use.

Other sections give numerous entries. It shows alot of what things where available in the setting. For instance "backpacks" aren't what must of modern people would think.

The amount of desciption by item is enhanced by articles explaining things in general. This is exceptionally useful as the modern player hasn't lived in Victorian times so might not even know how men shaved or ladies pampered in the morning.

For roleplayers the articles, non-combat items, prices, descriptions all give you content to make use of in descriping your character's action. Pack-rats and combat-focus will appreciate being able to figure out what they really caring and the differences in weapons.

All in all ... you should have it for any game in Victorian/Steampunk setting. For a PDF you can print a copy or simply show it on a screen to the different players.

Personally I use a laptop now. So I like having PDF books that I can pop-up easily. The laptop with 100s of PDF is alot easier to carry to the game then a stack of merely 12 books.

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The Gaslight Equipment Catalogue
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