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Map Pack: The RPG Toolbox Vol 1 $0.99
Publisher: Dimensions Game Software
by Max D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/18/2012 11:25:58

A very simple tool, but it's where its beauty lies. With its combination of low price and ease of use, I think it is perfect for beginner GMs who may not yet want to invest in expensive complex tools but who do not want to rely on someone else's maps either. You only need a browser and a paint app (to save the result, because unfortunately apart from taking a screenshot, there appears to be no other way). The tiles look nice, especially the islands. The bigger islands/coasts are best created by hand one tile at a time, and as for other generators, I found that using the random generator set to low percent density creates the "framework" that you can fill in further and edit. It also looks like it is possible to make your own tiles or edit the ones that come with the tool, if you're a creative user, as they are stored as simple image files.

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Map Pack: The RPG Toolbox Vol 1
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