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Barroom Brawls $1.99
Publisher: Raging Swan Press
by Douglas S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/11/2012 23:43:28

This is a fun product. Three charts to determine what starts a brawl, what happens during the brawl, and what happens at the end. Stat blocks for the Watch and a couple bystanders. Improvised weapon rules, drunken conditions, terrain/environment modifiers . . . what's not to love? Now the GM has a quick reference for how difficult it is for the PC to not only leap on top of a barrel of ale, but also the difficulty in balancing on it while fighting.

This supplement will alleviate a lot of the headaches a GM might face when running a brawl. There are a couple assumptions made that should be noted: 1) It doesn't go into detail about how to track all the combatants. After all, the story should be about the PCs, so the GM is instructed to describe the overall flow of the brawl. 2) Lethal damage is the exception, not the rule.

Although the rules are for Pathfinder, the three charts can easily be adapted for other genres. The Watch is changed to Space Station Security, while a drunkard grabs a personal data device (instead of a few gold coins) and bolts for the door.

Since I like playing with miniatures, this supplement will go great with some cardstock tavern decor. A tavern fight is more than just another dungeon encounter. It's a fun way to let off steam, be a little silly, and let the characters' personalities come through.

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Barroom Brawls
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