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Tabletop Heroes: Age of Piracy - Pirates $6.99
Publisher: Triple Ace Games
by Walter J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/04/2012 01:20:39

I was very pleased with this PDF. I bought it mostly for the figures but I was also hoping to get some use out of the Savage World stats. I got the figures for my Pirates on the Spanish Main game and was happy to find that was what the Savage World's stats were for. It might have been nice to mention that somewhere for the product, at least a "Can be used with PotSM" - though the PotSM license is probably lost in some legal no man's land.

The first five wild card NPCs are all male ship Captains. They are of different ranks of power and each has a different sized ship running from a 1 masted sloop up to a 5 masted man o' war. The different Captains seem to match their ships in power. In the character section Captain Edward Deepbeard and Captain Jan de Booth have the same image but the actual stand up minis are different.

The next five wild cards are female NPCs. Two of them have the command edges to be ship Captains, Mary Blood and Madeline Garnier, and also have ships. One of the others, Sally Blackheart, has a 1 masted ship and boating but not any command edges. Jane Read is meant to be a supporting character and is a lookout, though she has a lot of edges for a supporting character. The last female wild card is a rich rogue.

The next section has what they call crew members but they are very well developed to be just crew members. I'm planning on using them as henchman, extras with a wild die. There are ten of these extras.

The last section has 5 animal pets. They are all interesting from the GM point of view because you can get an encounter or two out of them. From the table top figure point of few a few more pirates would have been better but from the story point of few you will get some use out of them and they are likely to add something to the plot line.

The PDF has a cover page, a credit page, eight pages of NPC description, and three pages of figures to be printed out.. The art on the trifold figures is good and there is one figure for each NPC on two pages. On the Last page there are 18 figures that can be changed to any image so you can make up to 18 of the same figure or mix 'n and match different figures..

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Tabletop Heroes: Age of Piracy - Pirates
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