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Iron Dynasty: Way of the Ronin $25.00 $7.50
Publisher: Reality Blurs
by Jimmy P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/03/2012 01:45:36

I was recently discussing with my playing group about inspiration - be it stories for GMs or character inspiration for Players. We came to the conclusion that modern characters - being so close to us, are the easiest to create. Medieval Fantasy characters and stories were, for us, as easy to create. When it came to other genres, like westerns or mythic China/Japan campaigns, stories and characters did not come with the same ease.

Then I read Iron Dynasty.

This book, if read from the start, will give you tons of ideas for both characters and stories. The history will make those come to life easily. The equipment section, new selection of Edges and optional rules (using the usual skills for different tasks, like Stealth for blending) all make this book a must-own for any Savage Worlds enthusiast.

It might be the best Savage Worlds book I own.

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Iron Dynasty: Way of the Ronin
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