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Shadowrun: Street Legends: Home Edition $0.00
Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs
by Adrian S. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 04/14/2012 06:11:03

It is good to see more gaming companies getting into the spirit of April 1st (and making the product free to all of us). For those familiar with the 'Street Legends' book, the basic premise is to cover, both narratively and mechanically, a wide range of NPCs for Shadowrun. As a gag title, this presents the NPCs which were left on the cutting-room floor (or tossed in a waste-paper basket, shredded or.. well, you get the idea). Four entries are presented, covering six NPCs with the strangest of background stories. Experienced GMs may have even seen concepts like these passed across the table over the years (and canned them). Beyond a joke value, the book could be useful for urban legend style rumours or idle bar talk, but really little else. As an April 1st release, the it does what it says on the cover.

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Shadowrun: Street Legends: Home Edition
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